China's Refractories

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Basic standard

Dimensions of general bricks GB/T 2992-1998
Prepared unshaped refractory materials(dense and insulating)-Classification GB 4513-84
Refractory products-Definitions of model GB 10324-88
Refractory products-Instructions on stacking, sampling, acceptance, storage and transporting GB 10325-88
Refractory products-Inspection of dimension, appearance and section GB 10326-88
Pyrometric reference cones for laboratory use GB/T 13794-92
Unshaped refractory-Packing, marking, transportation and storage GB/T 15545-1995
Shaped refractory products-Packing, marking, transportation and storage GB/T16546-1996
Pyrometric reference cones for kilns use GB/T 16547-1996
Shaped insulati8ng refractory products-classification GB/T 16763-1997
Classification of dense shaped refractory products GB/T 17105-1997
Refractory products-Sampling of raw materials and unshaped products GB/T 17617-1998
Shapes and dimensions of bricks for blast furnaces and hot-blast stove YB/T 5012-1997
Dimensions of dome bricks for electric arc furnace roofs YB/T 5018-93
Dimension of refractory bricks for casting YB/T 5110-93
Dimension of refractory bricks for ladle flow control systems YB/T 5113-93

Refractory raw material

Sintered magnesia GB/T2273-1998
Conventional abrasive-Brown fused alumina GB/T2478-1996
Conventional abrasive-White fused alumina GB/T 2479-1996
Conventional abrasive-Silicon carbide GB/T2480-1996
Flake graphite GB/T 3518-95
MgO-CaO-Fe2O3 System synthesized material for bottom of electric-arc furnaces YB/T 101-1997
Dense electro-fused alumina YB/T 102-1997
Electro-fused mullite YB/T 104-1997
Silica fume for unshaped refractory YB/T 115-1997
Sintered magnesia-alumina spinel YB/T 131-1997
Fused magnesite chrome sinter YB/T 132-1997
Technical requirements of bauxite YB/T 5057-93
Super calcined bauxite YB/T 5179-93
Calcined flint clay YB/T 5207-93
Silica ZB D53 001-90
Technical specifications for pink fused alumina GB 5996-86

Dense shaped refractory products

Silica refractory bricks GB 2608-87
Silica refractory for coke oven YB/T 5013-1997
Silica refractory for blast stoves YB/T 133-1998
Silica Refractory Bricks for Hot Blast Stoves YB/T 133-1998
Quality Silica Refractory Bricks for Glass Furnaces JC/T 616-1996
Alkali-resistant Bricks for Cement Kilns JC/T 496-1992(96)
Silica Refractory Bricks for Glass Furnaces YB/T 147-1998
Silica Refractory Bricks for Coke Oven YB/T 5013-1997
High Alumina Refractory Bricks for Electric Arc Furnace Roofs YB/T 5017-1993
High Alumina Refractory Bricks GB/T 2988-1987
High Alumina Refractory Bricks for Hot Blast Stoves YB/T 5016-1993
Direct-bonded Magnesia-chrome Bricks for Building Materials Industry JC/T 497-1992(96)
Magnesia-chrome refractory Bricks YB/T 5011-1997
Magnesia Bricks and Magnesia-silica Refractory Bricks GB/t 2275-1987
Burned Microporous Alumina-graphite Brick YB/T 113-1997
Alumina-carbon Refractory Products for Continuous Casting YB/T007-1991
Magnesia-carbon Brick YB/T 4074-1991
Fused Quartz Refractory Products for Con-casting YB/T 4076-1991
Zirconia Sizing Nozzle Bricks YB/T 4075-1991
Silicon Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Bricks for Blast Furnace YB/T 4035-1991
Dense Zircon Brick for Glass Melting Furnace JC/T 495-1992(96)
Fused Alumina Refractory Products for Glass Melting Furnace JC/T 494-1992(96)
Fused AZS Refractory Products for Glass Melting Furnace JC/T 493-1992(96)
Sintered Pure Natural Mullite YB/T 5267-1999
Specification for Bauxite YB/T 5057-1993
Fused Magnesia TB/T 5266-1999 
Phosphoric acid immersed fireclay brick for blast furnace YB/T 112-1997
Kaolinite refractory bricks for blast furnaces YB/T 5050-93
Fire clay refractory bricks YB/T 5016-93
Fire clay refractory for hot blast stoves YB/T 5017-97
Fire clay refractory for glass furnaces YB/T 5108-93
Fire clay refractory bricks for casting YB/T 5109-93
Fire clay refractory bricks for steel ladle linings YB/T 5111-93
Fire clay refractory bricks for ladle flow control systems YB/Y5112-93
Lower porosity fire clay refractory bricks for glass furnaces JC/T 638-1996
High alumina refractory bricks for steel ladle linings YB/T 5020-93
High alumina refractory bricks for ladle flow control systems YB/T 5021-93
Magnesia-alumina refractory bricks for open-hearth furnaces YB/T 5010-93
Slide gate bricks for ladles YB/T 5049-93

Shaped insulating refractory products

Shaped insulating refractory products-Fireclay bricks GB 3994-83
Shaped insulating refractory products-High alumina bricks GB 3995-83
Shaped thermal insulating products-Diatomite bricks and shapes GB 3996-83
Calcium silicate insulation 10699-1998

Unshaped refractory

High alumina refractory mortars GB/T 2994-94
Fireclay refractory mortars GB/T 14982-94
Alumina-silica insulating refractory mortars YB/T 114-1997
Silica refractory mortars YB 384-91
Magnesia refractory mortars YB/T 5009-93
Refractory cushion mortar YB/T 150-1998
Non-water alumina-silicate refractory mortar YB/T 149-1998
Infrared radiation coating at high temperature YB/T 134-1998
Roller of refractory castable reinforced by stainless steel fibre YB/T 116-1997
Dense fireclay and high alumina castable refractories YB/T 5083-1997
Alkali-resistant refractory castable 708-89(96)
Alkali-resistant lightweight castable JC/T 807-89(96)
Alumina-magnesia refractory castable ZB Q43 001-90
Fireclay and high alumina plastic refractories YB/T 5115-93

Refractory fibre products

Ordinary alumino-silicate refractory fibre felts GB 3003-82


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